Saturday, 2 November 2013

Here we go again!

Ground hog day once again! A new glaze, a new set of hopes. Is this the corner I've been hoping to turn? I really love making pottery, and that in itself is incredible given the amount of disappointment that it seems to bring me. I just don't ever seem to get the results that are living in my mind. Of course there are the occasional pieces that bring a pleasant surprise, but on the whole I seem to make frequent trips back to the drawing board after every new experiment.
So, to this batch of work. I've returned in the main to the white stoneware clay that I've used previously, as it fired predictably well, unlike the red stoneware that bloated at higher temperatures. However, saying this there are a couple of samples of the red clay body - the biscuit barrel in the foreground to name one. I've included these, as this next firing is only going to cone 6 and I'm optimistic that any bloating will be insignificant. The main cause for excitement are the new glazes I've invested in. I've bought some brush on glazes that promise amazing effects! I haven't gone mad and spent a fortune yet, as I've made this mistake before. So, this batch are all in just 3 glaze combinations of red and white. The firing instructions are straight forward, so I might not screw things up too badly...but now I've said this my immediate thought is 'pride comes before a fall!'

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