Sunday, 6 October 2013

The long and winding road.

This week I I've felt myself becoming increasingly frustrated. I know exactly what I'm working towards, but due to my very limited time combined with the very slow process of making pottery, I feel like it's taking me an age to achieve my goals. I've included some pictures of the items that I've been making this past week. They're now ready for bisque firing, but that won't happen until next weekend now, as I'm at work all this week. It'll then be another week before I get them glaze fired. I only manage to get an hour or two in the studio in the evenings after my work and family commitments and I've been getting irritated this week about it. It's not good, as I want to make something of my pottery, but if it's going to cause friction both inside me and within my family then it'll only make the road rougher.
As well as making I've also been trying to lay the foundations of an internet shop - Etsy. I've made the shop, but there's only one item listed on it (I had to list one to open the shop). I had been concerned that it would take me months and months to build up enough stock to fill the shop. I put this issue out to some other crafts makers who suggested I make a range of one off items which I then photograph and list as made to order. I can therefore fill the shop without having the problem of making a storing loads of items. Now it's been pointed out it seems obvious, but sometimes I just need someone to state the obvious.
I've also begun to lay the foundations for a workshop that I want to run in the spring. I've found a really good venue, but need to have further discussions with the owner over the dates. I've also organised hire of 6 wheels. I hope to run the workshop for beginners. the idea is for people who've always wanted to try throwing pottery to come along and spend a day learning the basics. I envisage this as the type of day that could be bought as a gift for someone. early days yet, but I'll post more as it develops.


  1. if i only lived any closer to you, i would come for a workshop :) with all my children too, maybe even more than once.

  2. Thanks Izabela, that's encouraging. Hope things are going well for you?