Thursday, 19 September 2013

New decoration

Here's the lidded jar that I threw with the Keuper red clay the other day. I brushed slip on and then gave it 15 minutes to dry very slightly. While it was drying I sketched out some ideas for the decoration.
I'd had an idea at work the other day of using seahorses in the design. Seahorses have a special place in my heart, as I remember buying the dry bones of one when I was on a primary school trip to the zoo. I took the seahorse home, delighted with my souvenir. When I got home my dad went mad that I'd wasted my money on such a pointless item. There was a big row and I remember being really upset by the whole thing. I think my dad felt bad about the whole thing, because he later apologised (maybe mum had had words!). It's one of those childhood incidents that seems to have resonated through the years in our family. Whenever any of the family make a dubious purchase, the story of the seahorse surfaces again.
Anyway, my initial idea had been to have the seahorses face to face, forming the heart shape, with their tales entwined. I soon realised that there wouldn't be enough space on the pot without making the seahorses really tiny. I then thought about just getting the heart in. After a few sketches I managed to complete the design by incorporating the entwined tales as a filler between the hearts.
I'm please with the finished design and feel confident that I can improve it in future pots, given that this is sort of a prototype! It's going to be bisque this weekend and then glazed next week. I'll post a picture of the finished item then.
I'm so motivated at the moment and have more designs in my head than I have pots, or time to make them. They're all going into the sketchbook though and maybe they'll eventually see the light of day.

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