Tuesday, 24 September 2013


As the title says, I'm really fired up about the possibilities of the work that I'm doing at the moment. I'm working furiously to try and get the work ready so that we can get a firing in at the weekend. It's frustrating that I have to spend my day working in the real world. I could get my pottery done so much quicker if work didn't eat up all of my time! So, I'm spending every evening until 11pm in the studio. I just wanted to put a blog post on, as I'm aware that blogging seems to be done in fits and starts and I'm determined this time to post regularly.
Last night I managed to slip 8 bowls inside and outside, slip and handle a set of my new style mugs and then add names to them with some small printers stamps. I also managed to slip two large vases.
I did have a bit of a disaster at one point. In my rush to get on I grabbed a pot of slip off the shelf and immediately gave it a really good shake to mix it up. unfortunately the lid wasn't on properly and me and the studio ended up covered in cobalt blue slip! Fortunately, all of my work was under plastic and most of the slip hit me and the wall!
When I have had time to look online I've been scouring the web for ceramic decoration that appeals to me. I really loved the work of Terri Kern as it reminds me a lot of the type of illustration work that I loved when I was at university.

Crazy chicks want to get their noses into everything, I keep having to chase them out of the studio before they manage to get their beaks into anything.

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