Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life and death.

Easter hasn't ever really meant much to me. I'm not religous and only ever think of it as a holiday half way between Christmas and summer. However, sometimes things happen that focus one's thoughts a little more than usual.
I've been teaching the Easter story to my class at school this past few weeks. Going through this ancient story with my class has led me to look at it again with fresh eyes. I've found that this happens a lot when teaching something that you've known for years. You have to unpick the details, so that you can give a clear explanation. Teaching a subject always gives me a much deeper understanding of it than I had before. So, the story got me thinking about this deeper understanding I'd acquired and, of course, about new beginnings.
Then,this afternoon,  just as I was trying to make sense of all these thoughts, I had some very sad news about a death in my family. While I was driving home tonight I got thinking about this special person's legacy. She'd made a difference in the world. She'd raised a beautiful family who've all gone on to make a difference in their own way, as, in turn, will their children. It's sad, but beautiful.
Finally, I arrived home and was greeted with some new arrivals in our house (below).

As I said, I'm not religous, but the events of this past few days have certainly made me think about life, death and the future. Days like these, that supercede the mundane, make me feel as though I've reached a turning point.

It's not a post about pottery (I don't think?), just musings about my day.

Photo: Our new girls!
They don't have names yet, any suggestions?

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