Saturday, 2 March 2013

Big pots.

I've been quite busy recently, getting pots made. I made a few tea / coffee cadies and posted some pics on my facebook page. This led to someone asking if I could make a bread crock for them. I don't tend to throw large pots very often as they take up so much space in the kiln. However, as I have a couple of tall pots sitting on shelves in the studio waiting to be fired I thought that one more large pot could make a kiln full of these bigger pots. The bread crock was made from around 9lbs of quite stiff clay. It was a real wrestling match getting this centred and I probably could have saved myself a workout by using softer clay; lesson for next time!
I've just finished lugging the bread crock and I'm pondering what if any decoration it'll have when fired. I also threw a handful of soup bowls tonight with a flat rim that'll be great for adding decoration to.
I'm really enjoying making pottery now that I've fitted a stove in the studio. it's so much easier to find the motivation to go into the studio when it's warm in there!

I included the mug in the picture to give some indication of the size. The picture on the left was pre lugging. Sorry about the poor quality of the second picture.


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