Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One step back :-(

9:30pm. I finished my planning for tomorrow's school day about 15 minutes ago and then talked myself out of going into the studio, lighting the gas heater, warming some water, kneading the cold clay, weighing it out and throwing a handfull of mugs. And now, as you can see I'm trying to justify my weak, lazy attitude!
I'd love to become a professional potter, I really would, but is it ever going to happen with my current lifestyle? Fortunately I have quite a bit of stock from the past couple of weeks so, I feel I can justify a night off.
I'd love to hear from any other potters on how they made the transition into pottery. Is it possible when you have a demanding career, two young children, a huge mortgage and very limited time? I'm sure that we all go through these moments of self pity. Thinking about it now, being a full time potter must be a life that's littered with moments of doubt and uncertainty. I suppose that I need to learn to deal with the lows; use them as something to learn from, turn the problem on it's head and use it to fuel progress toward my goal.

I'll bounce back tomorrow!

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