Saturday, 14 April 2012

Time to start working again!


Two weeks with my lovely girls has spoiled me; it'll be hard getting back to work next week. The April showers have disrupted some of our gardening plans. One minute we're basking in sunshine getting stuck into the weeding,m the next we're running for cover as we're under fire from high powered hail stones! The hens have settled in well and have started laying; kids adore them!

  I still have a huge amount of pottery in stock and I'm struggling to find outlets for it. The Ebay shop wasn't very successful as it cost more than I made. I'm not getting much luck on Folksy or etsy either. The trouble is paying for adverts does generate sales, but not enough to make it worthwhile. I'm beginning to think that I need to look for a shop that'll exhibit my work without wanting to take a huge cut - easier said than done!
   It's definitely time to start pushing things forward dilemma is which direction to push!

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